Vincent Schrooten

I'm a data reporter in Belgium, passionate about software development and data. I have a keen interest in automating data collection, enhancing cybersecurity, and creating user-friendly tools.
In my free time, I volunteer on various projects related to data treatment, cleaning, and automation.
I've contributed to improving cybersecurity through responsible vulnerability disclosure.
I've successfully developed and maintained a range of tools and scripts aimed at enhancing user experience and productivity.

📊 Data

Trainfobel Data Downloads

Chazam Data

🤖 GitHub Projects

IFSU (IF a Site has been Updated): IFSU is a command-line tool for monitoring updates or content changes on a specific website. If a change is detected, IFSU can execute a user-specified command.

Trainfobel: Automation of collecting and publishing information on Twitter regarding SNCB and Belgian railway traffic in general.

1fichier.com_api: Simple code for downloading files from via api.

OckelSirius-A_Linux: The goal of this project is to make the Ockel Sirius A Linux-compatible.

Chatzam: Decentralized command-line tool, akin to Shazam.

Revert: Calculates combinations from a CSV file and finds combinations whose sum matches a target value.

MP3adCleaner: Remove the audio ads (or other) present in your mp3 files.

Videosrt: shell script that extracts subtitles from a video file (or YouTube video) and reinserts them as hard-coded, larger, yellow subtitles on a black background,.. Script to add tasks on Notion in command line

Manage-VPS-via-Telegram: Manage your VPS via Telegram

🎩 Vulnerability Disclosure

Contributed to a responsible disclosure for SNCB, enhancing their cybersecurity.
Involved in other security projects, which remain confidential for now.

🎶 Music

Pocketvince: Last played (remix in a Justice interview - 2012).

Vitalizm: Last Release (2016).

Hardpanda: Last Release (2018).

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